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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do the solar panels obtain the maximum charge possible?
By placing them vertically in strong sunshine for as long as possible, away from any shade.

2. Why do the solar panels have several parameters, and what do they mean?
The solar panel has two main parameters: Voltage and Current. Current is the most important factor regarding the charging ability; when the current is greater, the charging time will be shorter.

3. How does the Solar Charger charge a cell phone to full capacity, even when it has run out of power?
The capacity of the Li-ion battery and the solar panel efficiency determine the charge ability of the Solar Charger. If the Li-ion battery capacity is larger, then efficiency will be higher, and charging ability will higher.

4. When the Li-ion battery has been charged to its maximum 500 times, will the Solar Charger still work normally?
It can work, but only when the solar panel is placed vertically under the sunshine without shade. This will allow the solar panel to supply the power to the cell phone directly.

5. When charging directly from solar panel to device, why does it sometimes fail to charge the Nokia / Samsung / LG / Motorola / Sony Ericsson / Siemens mobile phones?
This could be due to the strength of the sun’s rays being insufficient. When the rays are stronger, the phone will charge sufficiently.

6. Do you have connectors for every type of portable device?
We have a range of connectors for PSPs, iPods, MP3 and MP4 players, PDAs, Nintendo DS, portable DVD and CD players, Sat Navs, mobile phones and many more. Contact us to check compatibility with your device.


7. How long does the echarger's - emergency charger/solar bags charger a mobile/ipod?

The average mobile phone/ipod around four times if the rechargeable batteries were fully charged. Recommended rechargeable battery 1300maH.


8. How can i recharge my rechargeable battery?

You can recharge the our charger via USB which is included within the package.

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