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Eco Links

Please find some useful links below

- Energyhelpline

Switch Gas Supplier -Energy Helpline gives you the ability to compare energy and gas service suppliers’ prices to see if you can save money by switching.

- Planetsolar
Planet Solar is part of a group of companies with a successful history of working in the home improvement and commercial sectors since 1995. After initial survey and system specification, your project will pass to one of our highly qualified teams of accredited electricians and installers.
In addition to Planet Solars’ authorised distributor partnerships with world leaders in PV solar panel technology, we also have links with component distributors who are amongst the leading companies in their field in Europe.


- Yourtomorrow

Sells Ethical Gifts to people who care about creating a better world for the future. Each product is identified as to why it helps the world using our Eco-Icons, educational, environmental, recycled, natural, fair trade or just helping small local artisans. A 5% of the purchase price is given to charity and visitors to the site vote for the recipient charity. Ethical Presents are sent gift-wrapped in attractive Yourtomorrow tissue paper and include a gift card containing a personal message. Next day despatch by first class post.


- Wow-wow

We understand it's not always possible to be completely green, but for any business or individual who wants to pioneer stylish Eco solutions; we're here to help!
We are not your typical Environmentalists, we are realists. Wow-Wow believes you can't change the world by finger wagging or preaching green morals.
We want to make going green fun, easy, and accessible to all. Whether you drive a large car or ride a push bike, we're here to help everyone make vibrant, cleaner choices wherever it helps them the most.
Its quite simply a new shade of green


- Ecoparents

Karen and I (David) are committed to living a greener life and want to make it easier for other people to do the same. Weather the changes in our climate are due to global warming or not we feel it would be better for everyone if we all used fewer chemicals especially when alternatives are available.
Eco Parents has evolved from Go Fair that we setup over three years ago. We started initially with certified fair trade goods but wanted to do more for the environment as well as fair trade. Most of our products are not available in the supermarkets, they prefer to sell the more established products that contain the nasty chemicals that we want to avoid.
If you can't find what you are looking for then please let us know and we will try and find it for you.


- Uswitch

uSwitch.com is a free, impartial online and phone based comparison and switching service that helps customers compare prices on a range of services including gas, electricity, home phone, broadband providers and personal finance products. We allow environmentally conscious consumers to compare deals from the many energy suppliers now offering special green plans to augment their existing energy reduction efforts.


- Greenenergy

green energy uk supplies 100% green energy to homes and businesses across the UK. Their electricity is sourced from renewable sources like the sun, wind, water and energy crops as well as electricity made from cleaner, greener combined heat and power.


- Earthwhile

Our aim is help you save money on your energy bills and benefit the environment in the process.  Collectively we've had twenty years experience in the energy industry and we've seen energy prices and consumption rising sharply against the backdrop of global warming.   We realise that the earth's resources, like your pocket, are not limitless.  This combination inspired us to set up Earthwhile to provide energy saving solutions for both home and business.


- Ethicalsuperstore

your one stop shop for ethical gifts, eco-friendly gadgets, fair trade and organic groceries. With more than 3000 products just a mouse click away, you’ve found the perfect place for your ethical shopping. From organic wine to Fairtrade coffee, from vegetarian food to cosmetics free from animal cruelty, we have an amazing range that helps you to buy what you believe.


- Greenfinder

your one stop shop for ethical gifts, eco-friendly gadgets, fair trade and organic groceries. With more than 3000 products just a mouse click away, you’ve found the perfect place for your ethical shopping. From organic wine to Fairtrade coffee, from vegetarian food to cosmetics free from animal cruelty, we have an amazing range that helps you to buy what you believe.


- Uk-energy-saving

The UK Energy Saving website is designed to point you in the right direction for advice and tips on UK Energy Saving in your home and business. Reducing the amount of energy you use is the most effective way to save you money and also combat climate change. By using UK Energy Saving products you will also help to slow the rate of climate change on our planet, by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2), and other harmful gases that enter the atmosphere.


- Ethicalconsumer

Ethical Consumer Research Association (ECRA) is a not-for-profit organisation owned and managed by its staff as a worker co-operative.

We exist to promote universal human rights, environmental sustainability and animal welfare.


- Ecolibris

Let’s start with the bottom line: we believe in providing people with easy and affordable ways to take responsibility for their actions and go green. We don’t believe in preaching doom and gloom. It’s not our style. We do believe in taking action and in the power of small changes to make a big impact


- Ecofriendlytourist

The user-friendly guide to green holidays. Packed with ideas and information on where to go, how to get there and things to do while you’re away. Plus a growing guide to eco-friendly accommodation in the UK.


- Lake-renewable-energy

A selection of Micro Renewable Energy Products including Solar,Wind and Energy Saving Products.


- Agreenerfestival

The not for profit oragnisation that supports sustainable events and environmentally friendly festivals. AGF alward award the 'Greener Festival' Award each year.
Contact agreenerfestival@aol.com


- Myrecyclablebag 

Reusable, eco-friendly cotton bags, unique designs. Recycle with style.

- Gojute

the help of inspirational sustainable companies based in Cornwall, such as Leap Media and Eden Project, we had confirmation that Cornwall is a place that embraces positive sustainable change, so we thought we’d move in with our eco-friendly neighbours.


- Ecofriendly

is designed to give you more than just a list of online and high street stores that might sell what you are looking for. The internet needs to give you more than that information about eco-friendly products and eco-friendly services".


- Newagematters

planet friendly shopping. Recycled, organic,  fairtrade, eco friendly, mystical, handmade.


- Carbonteeshirt

CarbonTeeshirt.com uses 100% organic cotton tee shirts, to produce the eco-friendly stylish "Carbon Tee" with the original branded footprint design and the Carbon Tee slogan.The driving force behind this project is to create global public awareness about the negative impact of high carbon footprint living. Our debut t-shirt range will be followed by other organic eco-apparel in the near future.


- Beegreenbags

Letsbeegreener's aim is to encourage people to reduce their use of plastic bags. We provide a small range of 100% natural cotton bags as an alternative to plastic.  Our LOGO printed on the bags is: "Let's Help Reduce Plastic Bag Use", in the hope that the message will be spread through our bags. About 10 billion plastic bags are used annually in the UK.  They are environmentally unfriendly in the extreme, filling up landfills, blocking drains, littering the land and the oceans. They also have a devastating effect on animals, birds and marine life.


- Isanyonegoingto

is a fantastic WEB 2.0 Social Networking Car Share web site that puts travellers in touch with one another before they make a journey. Our aim is to reduce the number of cars on the roads at the same time make introductions. isanyonegoingto puts members of our online
community from the same geographical locations, travelling to the same destinations together. Saving money, inconvenience and more importantly our


- Greenpeople

"The Green People Company was formed as a direct result of my experiences in finding an effective treatment for my daughter Sandra". Taking a herbal cleansing tonic - Hawthorn & Artichoke Formula from a leading international herbalist, supplementing with Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids and the elimination of chemical based products in our home cleared up her allergies. "From that moment, I realised that we all are children of the chemical age and that man-made chemicals found everywhere, combined with changing dietary habits, profoundly affect us all."


- Naturalcarpetcare

"Carpet Cleaning Tunbridge Wells, Brighton and Hove, Safe, non toxic carpet cleaning in East Sussex.."


- Greenfootsteps

"This site is about easy green living, bringing you environmentally sound ideas and tips which don’t break the bank but do genuinely help you to be a bit greener.

There are lots of simple ideas, techniques and projects which you can try at home which will save you money and help you and your family to become healthier.

There are also some articles about the big issues such as global warming. These are included just to help you get an overview of the problems facing us and our environment in the 21st century. They are relatively short and straightforward and are not intended to be comprehensive!


- Greenbuying

Online support for business and charites who seek environmental friendly business suppliers and services.


- Sustainabilitystore

Sustainability Store - Directory of socially and environmentally responsible products and services.


- Goodenergyshop

Good Energy's vision is to provide people with easy solutions to climate change.  We want to help everyone on the low carbon journey - a journey which involves switching to renewable electricity, reducing energy consumption and finally generating electricity at home or in the local community.  We supply 100% renewable electricity. 
Our customers keep telling us that they want to do more in their homes to reduce their carbon footprint.  And so Good Energy Shop was born - a website for low energy products for the home.  Creating Good Energy Shop has been an exciting project.  It has been lots of fun - which is what we believe work is all about - and of course a few challenging times too.  We are really proud about the result - an inspiring website that will entice us all to take further steps to reduce our carbon emissions. 

- Majorskiphire

Waste disposal.Here at Major we have built and continue to maintain a reputation for quality and service second to none. Our well maintained fleet of clean smart skips and radio controlled lorries are an everyday sight on the Wirral.What many people do not know is that as well as providing a waste removal service for both domestic and commercial customers, we are the largest licensed recycling transfer station of its kind in the area.

- Thegallowayecostore

Here on our online Ecostore, you can purchase environmentally friendly products, Organic skincare, recycled products, green products, eco friendly gifts and fair trade products. 

The Galloway Ecostore is dedicated to providing information, inspiration and to offer quality and a sustainable approach to our planet & the people on it. Our website gives people the opportunity to find out more about climate change, fairtrade & World Poverty,  going green and to purchase products that are eco & environmentally friendly, free of chemicals and that are not tested on animals.  

- Ecobookers

ecobookers provides the independent traveller with a centralized source of information on eco-friendly accommodation around the world. From eco-lodges and eco-friendly hotels to budget-hostels and tree-huts, ecobookers makes it easy to find ecologically-run accommodation, review their policies and book online with no booking fee. 


- Eco1

When it comes to sales, we are the only Sales & Marketing Agency that understand the Eco Marketplace.We understand solar energy, wind energy, gshp systems, biofuels, stirling engines, etc, etc ...  In fact as a team we have probably marketed or sold just about every conceiveable form of Eco Science & Technology.From organic baby food to recycled waste, we understand your market place. Outsource to our network of Teleworker experts, and  you  could save 1000s of tonnes of carbon emissions per annum.  Wherever possible, all ECO1 team members minimise travel by  working from satellite offices at home.  We utilise the latest  communication technologies to reduce our carbon footprint.

- Utilitycharges

UtilityCharges was formed to offer a unique reference point on explaining your fuel, water, council tax and phone charges. Charges for utility services and facilities vary depending on where we live, who provides them and how we pay. This site examines how to get the best deal. Our concern was that there was no single UK resource for interesting features and practical advice on this subject.Our features and articles are written by professional journalists and experts - who have a particular interest, or a background in this area.

- Greenerstyle

GreenerStyle sells a wide range of natural and recycled products. We offer the discerning customer something fresh and different - an opportunity to buy natural and recycled products without compromising on style. Utilising a sustainable approach, Greener Style presents a collection of beautiful merchandise sourced from companies that share our vision and passion for quality, style and conscience. Our range of products includes – bags made from recycled materials, recycled stationary, natural products for interior decoration, recycled glasses, natural kitchen items, energy efficient goods and much more.

- Walkinthegrass

Buy Natural and Organic, Biodegradable, Recyclable and Sustainable. Find local resources for recycling your old cell phones and computers.Discover Solar Solutions and Shop for all natural clothes, cosmetics or insect repellent.

- Solaronline

Solaronline understands that the enviroment needs some help. To make it easy for the online customers we offer lots of equipment that is needed for turning sunlight into energy. As well for home use, as for vacation houses and boats.To start small and provided you own bit of “green” thinking we offer gadgets and ofcourse the great backpacks of E-Charger. All making use of sunlight. So check out our online store and see what’s in it for you. (notice: the site is in dutch language, but we sell also international)

- Greenrefurb

Green Refurb is a carefully selected group of experts in the built environment, each specialising in sustainability and how it relates to their particular discipline, headed up by directors Jason Elliott, Chris Griffiths and Justin Pringle.Jason has extensive experience from the construction industry both in the UK and abroad and is also a BPEC qualified commissioner and installer of solar hot water systems.

- Britishrecycledplastic

After discovering that there were building materials and outdoor furniture made from entirely recycled materials available, but that they all seemed to come from Europe, we decided to do something about it.Every single one of our products is made locally to us in the UK entirely from UK waste that would otherwise be diverted to landfill. Check out the amazing Hebden 40 porous paving system, made entirely from waste plastic (Toyota bumpers mainly) and design to be driven over whilst allowing grass to grow through it and to let rainwater soak back into the ground.

- Ecobaby

A great shopping site to provide caring parents a wide variety of natural and organic skin care products for baby and child.

- Dial-green

We are Dial Green and are pleased to announce that 'Green Minutes'  - the most environmentally friendly telecoms in the UK - have now been launched, a fully carbon neutral telecoms package where all your line rental, calls, broadband and teleconferencing would be offset by ourselves and our partners. Perfect for an organisation such as yours with your environmental  and ethical policies.

- Deepdalefarm

Award winning eco friendly self catering hostel accommodation and campsite on the beautifulnorth Norfolk coast, 'an area of outstanding natural beauty'.Escape the smog and rat race of the cities to the coast, beaches and countryside around Deepdale.  You can choose from a range of self catering accommodation, private ensuite rooms, tipis, camping, group hostel, dorm beds, all Open All Year.

- Batterychargerreviews

Battery Chargers: Read reviews and find best buys on Laptop, AAA, Camera and Car Battery Chargers. Reviews on Sony, Duracell, Canon and all models in UK.


- Greenorbit

GreenOrbit.org is a website that promotes good examples of environmentally sound practices and companies that implement them.We believe that by investing some energy and effort in creating links between environmentally aware bussinesses we can trigger new, creative developments and constructive solutions..GreenOrbit.org is open to all businesses to publish their press releases, provided that they feature eco-friendly improvements in design solutions, production methods, materials, recyclability, or sustainable processes. For a cleaner, greener Planet.


- Greengirlsglobal

Green Girls Global is all about women from across the globe sharing their views, ideas and experiences on living a more sustainable life.

- Livingethically

Our shopping directory makes buying orgo-eco-ethical products easy. It includes hundreds of links, all of which are to UK companies where you can order on-line for home delivery. The food and drink section is also indexed with food miles in mind.
Or click on the organic, ecological or ethical pages for information on ethical living or to find links to sites on these subjects. For example, where to find information on conservation issues, or to read about human rights. We also have exclusive Special Offers and Best Selling products.


- Hotonearth

HotonEarth was started by us, Tom and Lisa, due to a genuine concern about the future of our environment and the damage that is currently being done to it. With so much in the media about global warming and climate change, it's really brought it home to many people how the problem is quickly spiralling out of control, yet governments and companies seem incredibly slow to react. What is more worrying is the development of new economies such as China and India whose proposed plans and the ensuing potential for environmental damage is so vast it makes what we do here in the UK seem rather pointless.

- Hayleysgreen

At Hayley's Green you'll find eco friendly products for everyday living, including recycled, fair trade, local trade and eco friendly products and gifts.


- Solargen
Welcome to SolarGen . With the latest in Solar technology and friendly, comprehensive customer service, SolarGen is a name trusted by people all over Australia to deliver quality, reliability and affordability in solar energy. By using solar power and our solar panel grid, not only will you contribute to making a more positive effect on the environment, you can also gain solar power rebates from the Australian government. In regards to installation, we will fully assist you in connecting the solar grid to your home.

- Bushranger Water Tanks
The Bushranger name represents quality and the peace of mind that comes from dealing with one of Australia’s largest plastic manufacturers of plastic water tanks. Through innovative design, our quality and compliant water tank products are aimed at making the rainwater tank purchase and rainwater tank installation as easy as possible.With the evolution of the Tankmasta T2 water tank range direct from Bushranger, the design and practicality come together to create a range of tanks specifically made to surpass the harshest Australian conditions.

- Greengiftofthemonth
Like you, we tried to find ecological ways to help change our daily behaviors and contribute to cleaner air, water and the like. However, finding an assortment of useful green products (tools) in one place was much harder than we anticipated. That’s why we founded Green Gift of the Month. Our philosophy is simple: to tirelessly scour the market and provide you with green gift opportunities that help you (along with your friends and family) take simple and realistic steps towards reducing your carbon footprint, minimizing your energy usage and avoid wasting the earth's resources.

- Makaecotourism
Makà Ecotourism is a travel agency set up by a group of intrepid Ecotravellers with working experience in the fields of tourism, education and international co-operation. To create Makà we have brought together our wide experience in the field of national and international Ecotourism, our love of nature and cultural diversity and our passion for continuous discovery. Our aim is to develop a different way of travelling: which is sustainable, respectful, educational and beneficial to the local economy.

- Thenaturalshop
We are simply interested in a healthy natural lifestyle and therefore committed to providing as wide a range as possible of truly natural, organic and eco-friendly products.
Since scientists now suggest that up to 60% of what we apply to our skin can be absorbed into our bodies, there is increasing concern that the use of synthetically produced chemicals in personal care products could pose a threat to our health.

- Greenmobile
Green Mobile prides itself on offering extremely competitive services backed-up with an excellent customer care department. We believe in building up a strong relationship with our customers to increase customer satisfaction and meet customer needs.Green Mobile is a virtual network service powered by Resource Utilities a UK licensed telecoms company specialising in fundraising for charities through innovative affinity schemes.Over the last 10 years our landline, broadband, mobile and text products have raised thousands of pounds for
our charity partners.We launched this pioneering service to address the environmental impact of the mobile culture and raise funds for green charity partners.

- Solar4u
Our 'easy to order' trade website, brings the knowledge of solar experts and solar suppliers with the solar industry's best quality products for solar installers and in the UK. Our wide range of trade discounted solar panels, parts and components allows you the knowledge, that our 'no quibble guarantee on quality', will provide you and your customers with quality assured products with support from your suppliers. Mix and match components to tailor a system to your own specification: * Solar collector and roof fitting kits * Solar expansion vessel * Solar pump station * Solar controller * Solar cylinder * Solar fluid

- Envirogadget
We all know that we need to do more to look after the planet and that’s why EnviroGadget focuses on gadgets that look after the environment or respect the planet in some way. A surge in consumerism seems to be fuelling a throwaway society. So let’s enjoy gadgets and gizmos that give something back or consider the environment.

There’s always another gadget, but only one planet.

- 4ecotips
4ecotips.com is one of the Orbis4 Ltd websites, which aim to inform and educate people at home and across the spectrum of business, commerce and manufacturing. The original concept of 4ecotips.com came from Bucks House Publications that was set up in the mid-1980s to produce professional journals and literature for various the major UK domestic fuel suppliers. It has close links with house builders and developers as well as housing associations and local authorities that are responsible for the maintenance and construction of the nation's housing stock.

- Thegreenthing
Green Thing is a not-for-profit public service that inspires people to lead a greener life. With the help of brilliant videos and inspiring stories etc. from creative people and community members around the world, Green Thing focuses on seven things you can do - and enjoy doing.


- Greenmaven

The Green Maven website was conceived in 2005 and launched back in 2006 by Joey Shepp, designer, entrepreneur, technologist, ecologist, and eternal optimist! At the time, the Green Maven was developed while Joey was a student of the Green MBA at Dominican University of California. Today, led by a team of mavens from the Green MBA, our search engine hosts over 10,000 websites, and our business directory is nearing the 4,000 mark. 

- Enviro-Live

Enviro-LIVE is your one stop 'Online Green Resource' which has been created by like minded individuals, looking to play their part in the environmental debate. We are a diverse group of people, and not all of us are what you might call 'seasoned veterans', in the environmental debate.



Eco Links - saving the planet economically

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