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E-Charger - Solar bags

solar backbag

Fashionable bags with an environmentally friendly double use!

Echarger’s Solar Bags are the latest energy efficient fashion accessory.


These attractive bags, available in a range of styles, are spacious, waterproof and hardwearing; suitable for all types of activities and perfect for travelling. And what’s more, they have an eco-friendly secret...


Solar Bags are fitted with powerful solar panels that soak up the sun’s rays and store the energy in a battery, ready to use for charging any mobile device in an emergency. The stored energy stays put for up to three months, so even when the sun’s not in the sky, you can still rely on your environmentally friendly power supply!


Imagine storing energy as you travel, ready to use just at the moment when you need it most. Maybe your cell phone has gone flat, or you are facing the most stunning view you’ve ever seen and your camera battery gives up. What do you do when you are miles from the nearest power supply? Easy! You turn to the power in your Solar Bag!


Echargers - E-charger Solar Back Pack featured as one of the best multi-purpose packs the london metro Out of Office travel section by James Ellis

See article below
London Metro 28th August 2009

Metro Article – August 28th  2009

Three of the best Multipurpose packs

Echargers Solar backpack
Spacious, waterproof and a built in solar charger that allows you to charge gadgets


Solar Bags are available in the following styles:

Solar Messenger Bag
Solar Pouch Bag
Solar Backpack


Echarger’s Solar Bags can re-charge a range of portable devices including:


In the box:


Please note that certain mobile phone connectors are not provided by Echarger. If unsure please contact us, telling us the make and model of your phone.

mp3 format mp4 format ipod format

- Prevent from water and avoid violent impact
- Keep the surface of the solar energy panel clean and keep from scratches

Compatible Handsets Guide

308, 328, 338, 928, 938, V998, V8088, A6188, T6188, L200(V2088), V2188, 7689, L708, 708+, V3688, LF2000, V0162, V7389, 388.

Nokia : 6160, 6162, 6161, 6185, 6190, 6150, 6210, 6250, 7110, 7210, 7160, 7650, 8250, 8260, 8290, 8810, 8850, 8860, 8890, 8910, 3360, 3390, 3410, 3510, 6110, 5110, 2110.

Samsung: A288, A300, A408, A308, N300, A100, A188, 600, 630, 638.


Sony Ercisson: T28, R310, R320, A2618S, R520m, T29, T39, R380, T65, T66, T68, T60, R600, T20.


Siemens: C25, C45, S25, C2588, 2588, 3508, 3518, 3568, 2518, 6688, C55.

LG: please check with us

Operation methods:

1.First, link one end of the connection wire with a delivery outlet, and the other end with the adapter which will join with a mobile phone, when you found that charging indicator light is on, it means that charging.

2.If the charger does not charger, just put the solar bag under the sun for sunlight, in order to use the sun light in a full, let the solar back bag be placed upright, then you can charge the mobile phone again when you see the indicator light shinning after 30 seconds.

3.The input end can connect with the solar panel; also the charger can use the commercial power, but please distinguish the input end with the delivery outlet.

4. The charge instruction: Red: charging; Green: fully charged; Yellow: weak charge.

NOTE: Not compatiable with the latest Iphone 3G S i.e. 3rd Generation
Reason -
"There are two sets of charging point on the original ipod/iphone the mains charger/in car charger points and the usb points that charged the phone when syncing with your computer.

All third party suppliers followed suit and created chargers that worked from the mains charger/in car charger points.

However when the new Iphone 3G came out. Apple in all there wisdom (Probably to stop all the generic products for a while) turned off the mains charger/in car charging points in the phone. and made the only charging way possible was via the USB charging points.

The generic suppliers of course then had to follow suit. " from a customer of ours!

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