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Solar Mobile Chargers

solar mobile chargers
Harness the power of the sun to charge your portable devices, wherever you are in the world!

Echarger’s Solar Mobile range of environmentally friendly power chargers means running out of juice mid-conversation or half way through your favourite track on your iPod will become a thing of the past; even if you are kilometres from the nearest power socket!

Solar Mobile’s powerful solar panels have been specially designed to draw in the sun’s rays, harnessing their energy and storing it for up to three months. So even when the sun’s not shining, this energy-saving gem of a device will come to the rescue, rejuvenating your powerless portable gadgets and getting you back on track with your conversations, music, games and movies: even if you’re in the middle of nowhere!

Echarger’s portable solar powered battery charger is suitable for putting the life back in:

Solar Mobile is conveniently compact and lightweight, fitting easily into a pocket or bag. The solar panels fold out neatly, ready to soak up the sun’s rays on fine days. And if it needs a boost on not-so-bright days, just plug it into your PC via its USB connection.

Solar Mobile is completely versatile; supplied with a range of adaptors; it’s suitable for a wide spectrum of gadgets, so no more carting bagfuls of different chargers around with you on your travels!

If you won’t leave home without your mobile phone, music player, sat nav or portable games console, then don’t leave home without Echarger’s Solar Mobile Charger!

There are two eco-friendly Solar Mobile Charger models available, one with fixed solar panels and the other with detachable panels allowing added flexibility.

mp3 format mp4 format ipod format


- Detachable Solar panels;you can install one panel or two panels to charge the lithium battery;also,the battery can ba taken out and used in other applications.
- Solar panel(mono or multi-crystalline):5.5V/100mA
- OutPut :5.5V-300mA
- Rechargeable for single or double Ni-MH batteries
- Selection for recharging to 1,2 or 3pcs batteries
- Charging time
    a) mobile phone
    b) Ni-MH battery :2.5 hours 1,2,3pcs battery 12-14 hours (under full sunlight condieinos)
- Indication: charging and discharging state
- Protection: recerse current protection circuit integrated to prevent batteries from being discharged
- Constant Volts :4.2Volts
- Folded Size:
- Packing :gift box

Indication: charging and discharging state
Protection: reverse current protection circuit integrated to prevent batteries from being discharged
Folded size: 98mmx53mmx28mm
Packing: gift box

Main Componets
- Solar charger: 1 PC
- Output cable: 1 PC
- USB charging cable: 1PC
- Connector

NOTE: Not compatiable with the latest Iphone 3G S i.e. 3rd Generation
Reason -
"There are two sets of charging point on the original ipod/iphone the mains charger/in car charger points and the usb points that charged the phone when syncing with your computer.

All third party suppliers followed suit and created chargers that worked from the mains charger/in car charger points.

However when the new Iphone 3G came out. Apple in all there wisdom (Probably to stop all the generic products for a while) turned off the mains charger/in car charging points in the phone. and made the only charging way possible was via the USB charging points.

The generic suppliers of course then had to follow suit. " from a customer of ours!

Please note that certain mobile connectors are not provided by Echarger. If unsure please contact us, telling us the make and model of your phone.

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Solar Mobile Chargers - saving the planet economically

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